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Boordy Vineyards

Boordy Vineyards, located off of scenic MD 152 is a great testimate to the ability of Maryland Concrete Inc. to produce competitive concrete prices for all sized jobs. The Vineyard pours include large floor slabs on grade and specialty mixes including lightweight concrete for elevated slabs.

Gale Bailey Elementary School

A Bio-Microbics BioBarrier 4.5 advanced treatment unit was supplied for treatment of the wastewater.  The BioBarrier system was selected for this application because of its ability to achieve almost negligable BOD, TSS, and TKN effluet numbers.  The discharge permit for this site would only allow for such effluent numbers, with some requirements specifying <5ppm detectable nitrogen.  In addition to the high performance treatment unit we also supplied all of the precast including multiple large custom septic and treatment tanks, distribution manholes and vaults, and a specialty valve metering vault.

SBA Temple

A complicated septic system placed on a worship temple in Frederick, MD needed to be able to handle excessive flows every day of the week.  A series of tanks including a 5000 gallon, two 4000 gallon, and one 3000 gallon tank were supplied to handle the flows.  In addition to, Maryland Concrete, Inc. produced and supplied custom distribution boxes, valve vaults, and manholes for the drain field.

Williams Gasline Substation

Located in Delta, PA the Williams Gas Transco Substation is a major connecting point for gas lines ranging from Texas to New York.  We were involved in supplying ready-mix and high performance concrete to the substation.  In addition, precast structures were supplied to handle stormwater run off for the retention ponds on site.  After completing the substation itself, we were tasked with the supply of flowable fill to encase Transco’s new 42″ diameter pipeline that extends from Owings Mills, MD to Lancaster, PA.

Faith Bible Church

Faith Bible Church, located in Mechanicsville, MD includes a complicated treatment train that is able to handle over 3000 gallons of wastewater per day.  The system was designed around the church’s use which is centralized highly around the weekends, therefore a 13,000 gallon flow equalization chamber had to be utilized so that sewage could be equally treated over the course of a whole week.  Paired with an 8,000 gallon treatment chamber, this setup insures that the unit will not be overwhelmed with excessive flows.  We also supplied all the necessary pumps, pump panels, rail packages, and other auxillary items to allow for a quick and painless installation of this system.