posted on 11.12.2014 by concrete

Ready Mix Concrete

We offer ready mix concrete made from high quality raw materials. Our trucks will haul the concrete to your jobsite or home and unload on the spot. We offer all different types of mixes, whether your application is for footers, sidewalk, walls, or floors. Please call our office for current quotes and pricing.  Click here to learn more >>

Precast Products

In recent years Maryland Concrete, Inc. has expanded the products we offer to include all types of precast items such as inlets, vaults, manholes, wastewater/ water retention tanks, grease interceptors, water meter vaults, WSSC products, electrical manholes/ handholes, etc.  Most custom products can also be engineered and fabricated. Click here to learn more

Colored Concrete

Here at Maryland Concrete, we offer many colors of concrete for your project’s needs. Our color products are supplied by Solomon Colors™ and mixed directly into your load at our batch plant, unlike many competetors who simply sprinkle the color on top. We also supply color release products for stamped concrete.

Septic Tanks

Septic systems are used for waste filtration. They are required by law to function in a specific manner. We offer tanks, lids, manhole rings, distribution boxes, manhole covers, and all pumps that will be required for operation. In 2009 we transitioned to a new “low-nitrogen” septic system. This move was made to help combat the excessive nitrogen, phosphate, and various other pollutants that were leaking from septic systems and subsequently polluting the Chesapeake Bay. We are proud to be recognized under the Chesapeake Bay Restoration Act for our systems.  Click here to learn more >>

Grease Traps

We manufacture grease trap systems that can be custom made to your specifications. We will happily give a quote on any type of tank.

Polylok Products

The Polylok™ line of products consists of various tank accessories that are made out of high tension polymer plastics. We carry Polylok™ products because of their strength and durability, while still maintaining a very light weight design. Polylok™ manhole covers, rings, and various other accessories are offered.

Sand and Stone

We stock many tons of sand and stone and offer the sale of these products.